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Anti Dance

Movimiento/Acción/Voz. Workshop




Jennifer Moule is an experienced workshop leader. Inspired by dance theatre and Ruth Zaporah's Action Theatre, she has developed her own performance training: Anti Dance. An inclusive and liberating practice using elements of clown, dance and improvisation to create compositions and explore the infinite possibilities of working the body and voice in the space. 


Taller de improvisación y composición en la escena usando técnicas de teatro físico, clown y cabaret. Improvisa sin cabeza: deja a la nariz, los codos y la rodilla izquierda dirigir la acción de la escena.


Do you want to peel off your commuter skin and raise your heart rate? We will improvise and devise lies. Walk the plank, and dive into a puddle of new faces, voices and jives. A performance workshop using elements of clown, dance and physical theatre to explore the infinite possibilities of working the body in the space. 



Anti Dance workshops at The Albert, London. 

Video of Anti Dance workshop

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