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If you’re the kind of person who has trouble deciding between a trip to the theatre or a night out clubbing, this high-energy performance from Washing Line Productions could be just your thing. In the past, their shows have taken place in launderettes and hairdressers.

Le Cool



Free-styling new theatre company ‘Washing Line Productions’. Pitched somewhere between a Parisian clown show and Jane Fonda exercise video.

Time Out****


They are masters of the unexpected word, movement, grimace.

British Theatre Guide*****


















A mix of physical theatre, stand up and slapstick, Waiting for Apollo places throw-away culture and consumerism into a theatrical blender, adds a dash of Euripides' Orestes and creates a dramatic meal worthy of Heston Blumenthal. 


British Theatre Guide



Wonderfully erudite script by Jennifer Moule play with words, their very meanings and the way they sound when put into someone else’s voice. 


I Blame A Culture Of Crisis is a well delivered piece, captured by Jennifer Moule in a way that Brecht would have stood and applauded at.

Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision


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