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The Heartbreak Hotel

Mesdames et messieurs, ladies and gentlemen, damas y caballeros, damoiselles, damoiseau, escargot, mouettes, libellules, etcetera…


Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel. 

Bienvenus à l’Hôtel des Coeurs Brisés.

Ceci n’est pas juste une performance, vous pouvez le considerer comme thérapie.


Trois chambre. Trois histoire d'amour et de desamour.

Three bedrooms. Three stories of falling in and out of lust.


A 20 minute puppetry show involving plastic dolls, pearls and other objects. A kinky melodrama which uncovers the tragic and raunchy realities of the guests that inhabit rooms 203, 269 and 781.


A collaboration between Jennifer Moule and Italian puppeteer, Michela Aiello <Il Capello Rosso>.

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